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Samuel Beauregard -  MSc student

Succession of microbial populations colonizing rock surfaces


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Samuel graduated with a bachelor's degree in APP biology from UQAM in 2021. During these studies, he had the opportunity to do an internship with Dr. Lazar on the composition of deep subsurface microbial communities. This opportunity allowed him to discover the wonders of communities living in the most incongruous places and using available resources in absolutely mind-boggling ways.

Following his graduation, he spent a year teaching science in high school and then decided to pursue his studies in biology. Since he had really enjoyed his experience with the Lazar lab, he decided to return there for a master's degree in a subject related to that of his internship.


He is therefore now interested in the primary succession of microorganisms present in sessile and planktonic communities of the subsurface using experiments with bioreactors!

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