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Divya Patel -  MSc student

Colonization of groundwater microorganisms on rock surfaces from the Laurentians


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Divya did her bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Quebec in Montreal, with a specialization in ecology. Interested in animals and microorganisms, she joined the Lazar lab to do an internship on the interaction between microorganisms and crickets (Gryllus firmus).  

She is currently working on the colonization of microorganisms on rock surfaces in the earth's subsurface. The goal of this project is to study the diversity of sessile microbial communities in order to better understand the microbial processes that take place in this community as well as to study the importance of the mineralogical composition of rocks on the colonization of microorganisms. To do this, she uses bioreactors that allow her to recreate the environmental conditions of an aquifer.

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