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Cassandre Lazar

Associate professor

Unit :  Department of Biological Sciences

E-mail :

Telephone: (514) 987-3000 ext. 3963 

Office:  SB-2870

Languages: French, English 

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I am interested in the relationships between microbial communities and their environment, as well as the interactions of microbial populations with each other within a habitat. During my PhD (IFREMER, France) and my first post-doctorate (University of North Carolina, USA), I studied the diversity and metabolisms of microbial communities in marine subsurface habitats. Since my second post-doctorate (Friedrich-Schiller University, Germany) and my position as Professor in the Biological Sciences department at UQAM, I have been interested in terrestrial underground habitats, whether surface or deep subsurface . My other interests are aquatic habitats (surface or underground), and the microbial populations that live in the abdomen of insects.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor

Biological Sciences department, UQAM, 2021-Present

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences department, UQAM, 2017-2021


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute of Ecology, Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany, 2014-2017


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Marine Sciences department, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, 2010-2014

Academic Education

PhD in Microbial Ecology
University of Western Brittany / IFREMER, France, 2006-2010

MSc in Microbial Ecology
Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France, 2004-2006

BSc in Microbiology
Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France, 2001-2004

Selected Publications

Lazar, CS, Schmidt, F, Elvert, M, Heuer, VB, Hinrichs, KU, and Teske, A (2022). Microbial diversity gradients in the geothermal mud volcano underlying the hypersaline Urania Basin. Frontiers in Microbiology.

Lazar, CS (2020). Chapter: Archaea in Mediterranean Sea cold seep sediments and brine pools . In Marine Hydrocarbon Seeps, eds Teske AP and Carvalho, V. Springer. Pp 125-141.

Lazar, CS , Lehmann, R, Stoll, W, Rosenberger, J, Totsche, KU, and Küsel, K (2019). The endolithic bacterial diversity of shallow bedrock ecosystems . Science of the Total Environment 679:35-44.

Lazar, CS, Stoll, W, Lehmann, R, Herrmann, M, Schwab, VF, Akob, DM, Nawaz, A, Wubet, T, Buscot, F, Totsche, KU, and Küsel, K (2017). Archaeal diversity and CO2-fixers in carbonate/siliciclastic-rock groundwater ecosystems . Archaea 2017:2136287.

Lazar, CS , Baker, BJ, Kiley Seitz, K, and Teske, AP (2017). Genomic reconstruction of multiple lineages of uncultured benthic archaea suggests distinct biogeochemical roles and ecological niches . The ISME Journal 11:1118-1129.

Seitz, K, Lazar, CS , Teske, AP, Hinrichs, KU, and Baker, BJ (2016). Genomic resolution of a novel, deeply-branched sediment archaeal phylum with pathways for acetogenesis and sulfur reduction . The ISME Journal 10:1696-1705.

Lazar, CS , Baker, BJ, Seitz, K, Hyde, A, Dick, GJ, Hinrichs, KU, and Teske, AP (2016). Genomic evidence for distinct carbon substrate preferences and ecological niches of Bathyarchaeota in estuarine sediments . Environmental Microbiology 18:1200-1211.

Yoshinaga, MY, Lazar, CS, Elvert, M, Lin, YS, Zhu, C, Heuer, VB, Teske, AP, and Hinrichs, KU (2015). Possible roles of uncultured archaea in carbon cycling in methane-seep sediments . Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta 164:35-52.

Baker, BJ, Lazar, CS , Teske, AP, and Dick, GJ (2015). Genomic resolution of linkages in carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycling among widespread estuary sediment bacteria . Microbiome 3:14.

Meador, TB, Bowles, M, Lazar, CS , Zhu, C, Teske, AP, and Hinrichs, KU (2015). The archaeal lipidome in estuarine sediment dominated by members of the Miscellaneous Crenarchaeotal Group . Environmental Microbiology 17:2441-2458.

Lazar, CS, Biddle, JF, Meador, TB, Blair, N, Hinrichs, KU, and Teske, AP (2015). Environmental controls on intragroup diversity of the uncultured benthic archaea of the Miscellaneous Crenarchaeotal Group lineage naturally enriched in anoxic sediments of the White Oak River Estuary (North Carolina, USA) . Environmental Microbiology 17:2228-2238.

Lazar, CS, Parkes, RJ, Cragg, BA, L'Haridon, S, and Toffin, L (2012). Methanogenic activity and diversity in the center of the Amsterdam Mud Volcano, Eastern Mediterranean Sea . FEMS Microbial Ecology 81:243-254.

Lazar, CS , Dinasquet, J, L'Haridon, S, Pignet, P, and Toffin, L (2011). Distribution of anaerobic methane-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing communities in the G11 Nyegga pockmark, Norwegian Sea . Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 4:639-653.

Lazar, CS , L'Haridon, S, Pignet, P, and Toffin, L (2011). Archaeal populations in hypersaline sediments underlying orange microbial mats in the Napoli Mud Volcano . Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77:3120-3131.

Lazar, CS , R Parkes, RJ, Cragg, BA, L'Haridon, S, and Toffin, L (2011). Methanogenic diversity and activity in hypersaline sediments of the center of the Napoli mud volcano, Eastern Mediterranean Sea . Environmental Microbiology 8:2078-2091.

Lazar, CS, Dinasquet, J, Pignet, P, Prieur, D, and Toffin, L (2010). Active archaeal communities at cold seep sediments populated by Siboglinidae tubeworms from the Storegga Slide . Microbial Ecology 60:516-527.

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