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Elise Lhoste -  PhD student

Microbial communities in old abandoned and flooded mines


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Elise obtained a bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology from Le Mans University (France), and then pursued a master's degree in toxicology and ecotoxicology. She then joined Dr. Lazar's laboratory to start her PhD project.  

This project aims to characterize the microbial communities present in abandoned and flooded mines in Quebec. The first axis of the project concerns the connectivity of mines with the surface, by studying the effects of depth and seasonality on the structure of the microbial communities present in the mines. A second axis aims to study the survival strategies put in place by microbial communities in these hostile environments. And a third axis is interested in the functional diversities to analyze the metabolic, structural and evolutionary properties of the communities in connection with the physicochemical and geochemical parameters of the environments.

Élise is co-supervised by Prof. Maikel Rosabal (UQAM).

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