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Iron coatings on carbonate rocks shape the attached bacterial aquifer community. Alisha Sharma, Martin Taubert, Olga M. Perez-Carrascal, Robert Lehmann, Thomas Ritschel, Kai-Uwe Totsche, Cassandre S. Lazar, and Kirsten Küsel. Science of the Total environment.

Rock surface colonization by groundwater microorganisms in an aquifer system in Quebec, Canada. Divya Patel, Vincent Blouin, Jamie Kirkpatrick, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Diversity.


Bacterial, archaea, and eukaryote diversity in planktonic and sessile communities inside an abandoned and flooded iron mine (Quebec, Canada). Elise Lhoste, Francis Comte, Kevin Brown, Alain Delisle, David Jaclin, Violain Ponsin, Maikel Rosabal, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology.

Seasons influence the native gut microbiome of lake trout Salvelinus namaycush. Pascale Savard, Tim Fernandes, Amy Dao, Bailey McMeans, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology.

Response of hypolimnetic water and bottom sediment microbial communities to freshwater salinization - a microcosm experiment. Jean-Christophe Gagnon, Valérie Turcotte-Blais, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Applied Microbiology.

Linking groundwater discharge to surface discharge ecosystems: archaean, bacterial, and eukaryotic community diversity and structure in Quebec, Canada. Benjamin Groult, Vicky St-Jean, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Microorganisms.

Effect of snowmelt on groundwater bacterial community composition and potential role of surface environments as microbial seed banks in two distinct aquifers from the region of Quebec, Canada. Karine Villeneuve, Valérie Turcotte-Blais, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Microorganisms.

Deep isolated aquifer brines harbour atypical halophilic microbial communities in Quebec, Canada. Jean-Christophe Gagnon, Samuel Beauregard-Tousignant, Jean-Sébastien Marcil, and Cassandre S. Lazar. Genes.

Microbial degradation and assimilation of geriatric acid in toxic and anoxic groundwaters. Cassandre S. Lazar, Valérie F. Schwab, Nico Ueberschaar, Georg Pohnert, Susan Trombone, and Kirsten Küsel. Frontiers in Microbiology.



Effects of freshwater salinization on a salt-naive planktonic eukaryotic community. Louis Astorg, Jean-Christophe Gagnon, Cassandre S. Lazar, and Alison Derry . Limnology and Oceanography Letters.

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