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The Lazar lab is part of the Department of Biological Sciences at UQAM, which is a dynamic environment for research in ecology (aquatic, behavioral,  forestry ), toxicology and medical biology. It is at the cutting edge of technology with platforms such as CERMO-FC . The Lazar lab is also part of the GRIL , GEOTOP and GREEIB research groups, which offer students who are lab members access to analytical platforms, seminars, supervision and interactions with members of other labs carrying out research in the fields of aquatic ecology, geosciences or biological interactions.

Undergraduate intern : we are always looking for interns who are at the undergraduate level of their university studies. If the research projects carried out by the Lazar lab interest you, and you want to initiate yourself to research, contact us! The duration of the internships are variable and adapt to the schedules imposed by classes (from a few months to a year).

Graduate students (Msc and PhD) and post-doctoral fellows : if you wish to carry out your studies at UQAM, and your research project in the Lazar lab, do not hesitate to contact us. Attach a cover letter to your application  (explaining your academic background and your research interests) and a CV .




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Capture d’écran 2021-10-08 à 11.54.04.png
Capture d’écran 2021-10-08 à 11.54.04.png
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