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Effect of leaching on microbial communities in damn freshwater


Lake sediments are formed of more or less crystallized mineral phases, or organic matter. They also harbor intense microbial activity linked to the presence of this organic matter. Under calm hydraulic conditions, water-sediment exchanges via the diffusion of pore water towards the water column are weak but exist. During dynamic hydraulic events systems such as floods or maintenance operations for dam lakes, a resuspension of the sediments and an inflow of water of different composition occur.

In this project, we are interested in the effect of leaching on microbial communities (Bacteria and Archaea) in a dam lake in Loire, France (project led by N. Gassama).

Project led by Alexis DesRosiers and Laura Zeppetelli-Bédard (undergraduate alumni)

Collaboration: Prof. Nathalie Gassama (University of Tours)

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