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Jean-Christophe Gagnon -  MSc student

Microbial community response to salinity

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Jean-Christophe did a certificate in ecology, and his bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Quebec in Montreal, with a specialization in toxicology.

He is currently working on the response of microbial communities to salty environments, a project using mesocosms to determine the impact the anthropogenic introduction of sodium chloride may have on prokaryotes, in the short and medium term. This research aims to elucidate not only the dynamics of freshwater prokaryotes exposed to NaCl, but also to promote better management of road salts, in order to promote the conservation of biodiversity. He is also working on the impact of hypersaline environments on microbial communities in the deep biosphere.

Jean-Christophe is co-supervised by Prof. Alison Derry (UQAM).

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