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Groundwater microbial communities in the shallow subsurface

The diversity, structure, and functions of planktonic microbial communities in groundwater habitats are influenced by local parameters such as aquifer geology or water geochemistry. They are also affected by conditions found at the surface, such as the seasons, rain or snowmelt, or types of surface soils (forests, agriculture).


We are therefore interested in studying temporal and spatial variations of planktonic microbial communities, at two aquifer systems in the Quebec region. We are collecting samples for two whole years (september to august 2019 et 2021, and following their path from their recharge zone to their discharge zone, to make a connection between the surface plankton communities and the subsurface communities.

Project led by Karine Villeneuve

Collaboration: Prof. Marie Larocque (UQAM )

                     Prof. Benoit Barbeau (UQAM)

Aquifers vary in size and in the distance they travel. Some can stretch on a few meters, and others go for kilometers. Thus, the objectives of this biogeography project are to study the variations of microbial communities in the groundwater of a wide variety of aquifers disseminated in the Laurentians and Lanaudière regions in Quebec. This project is part of the PACES project (Groundwater Acquisition Program, led by M. Larocque).


Project led by Benjamin Groult

Collaboration: Prof. Marie Larocque  (UQAM)

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